Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Happy 60. Birthday Sister

 Hello dear creatives.

It's me again, Nicole from Germany.

I am so happy to continue being apart of the GSD design team. It is a great honor and pleasure for me.

Today is my day on the GSD blog and I had something bigger planned. Unfortunately, Corona caught me, so I couldn't finish yet. But today I want to show you what is already finished and you will see the rest, if you like, in my next post in a week.

Now to my project. My sister will be 60 years old on December 17th, 2023. Of course, like every year, she gets a card for her birthday. But this year, I wanted to create a little funny story and finally put it together into a book.

The story starts with , of course, the funny and sweet  ghosts from the set of the same name.

Unfortunately, the next page continues in German, but I will translate the texts for you.

The grim cat from the set "All cats" says: "You're all crazy! Petra will never, ever be 60 years old."

The cute squirrel (Set Happy Fall with Squirrel) then replies: “Yes, the sparrows are already whistling it from the rooftops!”.

And the dog (set "What's new?") confirms it: "Yes, it's true. It's already in the newspaper."

Curious what happens next?

Then stay tuned. Next week I'll show you the rest.

Until then, stay healthy and have a wonderful Christmas time!

XOXO, Nicole

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