Sunday, June 12, 2022

Scene Card - Frogs

Hi everyone! It’s Jeannie (InsideoutJeans) on the blog today with Gerda Steiner Design’s stamp set named, Frogs. I figured it was almost summertime and these frogs were fitting for a fun card.

I really found one of the frogs sprawled out to be hilarious and I could only imagine if he was up on a glass window but I also wanted to use the one who looks like he's peeking. Of course, as a result, I have to create a scene card for this. 

If you've seen my previous scene cards, I usually just create scenes by drawing lines, which is exactly what I do here to create this window sill with a planter outside. The idea is that the frog is on the glass window and the frog is peeking on the planter. 

I colored in the entire panel using copic markers, including a marble-esque pattern for the window sill. It was my first time playing with this idea and I think it looks pretty good! 

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you get inspired to create. Come back again soon for more inspiration and ideas! Happy Crafting! 

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