Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Namasleigh with Santa and Rudolph - Alma

I'm Alma from "Alma im Stempelglueck" and today it's my turn to show you a

card with the new Gerda Steiner Namasleigh Clear 4*6 stamp set and the
coordinating Namasleigh die set. Santa and Rudolph are sliding back and
forth on the ice quite a bit! Oh it's so slippery!

I used the mirror stamping technique for this card with which the images can
be mirrored. Isn't the reflection on the frozen pond looking totally

It's not that difficult!
The only thing you need is a stamping tool.

1.) Position the card on which the image is to be mirrored on the stamping tool
and place the stamp with the stamping side up on the card exactly where it
is to be stamped later.

2.) Ink your stamp and stamp the image on the upper side of your stamping tool.
It works best by using a slowly drying ink pad!

3.) Remove the stamp and stamp the image right from the top of your stamping
tool onto your card! Sometimes it works better if you put a cardboard underneath the card on the
bottom side of the tool.
Stamp the image! The imprint does not have to be perfect for a pond
reflection! On the contrary, it should look a bit blurry! 

4.) Colourize your image exactly the same like your main image! In addition to Rudolph, I also mirrored Santa.

5.) When you have coloured your images, you can create a scene around it.
I have coloured the pond and added the trees from the Tangled Penguin 4*6
clear stamp set!

6.) To make the pond reflection look more realistic, I put Vellum over it and
glue it on! You get more depth in the background and in addition, the colours on the
reflection are looking softer and more realistic.

Now, you only have to stick all together!

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