Friday, April 22, 2022

A toast to you - with toast ;-)

Hello, my dears,

Today it's my turn - Alma - and I want to raise a toast to you!

I fell in love when I saw the funny pigeon from the A toast to you - 3x4 Clear Stamp Set.


And yes... the pigeon should get a lot more toast! So I decided to draw a bread in the background with my Copics.

It's not so hard! Today I'll show you how to do it.

1.) Draw a very, very rough sketch with a pencil, you can then paint over it with the Copics. It is only used for "rough" arrangement. Of course you can also draw more precisely.


2.) Find a lighter and darker Copics color combination. The most important thing is that you work with shading. I opted for a darker Copic combo for the outer edge of the bread. I chose the following color combinations: E18 - E17 - E15 - E13 - E11

The following tones have been selected for the inside of the bread: E57 - E55 - E53 - E51 - E50

The shades harmonize very well together, as you can see.


3.) When you have finished coloring the bread, you can sketch a plate around it with a pencil. I colored it in the colors W5 - W3 - W2 - W1 - W0 - W00


4.) At the end you can set small highlights with dots of the same color tones and a white gel pen. This gives the bread more liveliness and structure.


5.) Now all you have to do is stamp and color the motif. I colored the plumage of the pigeon with B99 - B95 - B93 - B32 - B000 - B0000.


6.) At the end I stamped the text with the stamping tool. Complete!


Can't wait to see your "toasts"!


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