Wednesday, October 5, 2016

This is not a goodbye!!

Good afternoon!!

It's Yolanda here from Scraping Time!!!

Definitely, time flies!!! It´s a year since I started colaborating with Gerda Steiner Designs as a Design Team Member. When she offered me the opportunity to be part of her team during these months I thought it was so exciting and now that it has finished, I can say it was!!

And that feeling of being dreaming in the clouds is what I would like to transmit with my last card for her.

For this card I did a bit of masking... and it worthed since I love these cute umbrellas from the new "Cheerful Hedgehog" stamp set.
And of course, I couldn't finish it without a lot of Wink of Stella Clear.

Gerda's stamps are just amazing. It´s very easy to make wonderful and cute cards with them and today I would like to share the cards I have made during these months. I hope you enjoy the journey!!

I would like to say many thanks to Gerda for everything and what can I say to you: thanks a lot for being there during these months! I am so grateful!!!

Thanks, thanks a lot for have been there during this year!!! And see you soon on the web!! ;) Hugs from Spain!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot! It's been great to spend this year here! Hugs!

  2. They're so lovely... I'm afraid for your farewell, but I'm sure you're going more and more lovely cards like all of these. See you later Yolanda! I'm going to stay with you in your blog as a reader, of course.

    1. Thanks a lot! I will go on using these stamps cause they are just the cuttest!! :) Hugs!

  3. I always love all of your cards!!! They always inspire me!!!! We will miss you on the GSD posts!!! I better stay update to date with IG now!!!

  4. I always love all of your cards!!! They always inspire me!!!! We will miss you on the GSD posts!!! I better stay update to date with IG now!!!

    1. Thanks a lot for being there all this year long, Kim! It has been great to meet people as you!! Hugs and we will keep in contact!!

  5. So many wonderful and memorable cards, Yolanda! I have enjoyed your year as Gerda Steiner's designer a lot! Mil besos!

    1. Thanks a lot Laura! It has been a great year!! Hugs!!!

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  7. Qué preciosidades!!! Me ha encantado verlas agrupadas!!! Y me siento afortunada, 2 de esas tarjetas están en mi casa!!! ^_^ Una es mía y la otra de Paula!!!
    Mil gracias por tu arte!!!
    Suerte en tu nueva etapa!!! Un besazo enorme!!!

    1. Muchas gracias Sonia!! Me hace feliz que las tengáis! Besazos!!


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