Sunday, December 31, 2017

Valentine Penguins - Float Away - Jeannie Lieu (InsideoutJeans)

Hello all!

It's been such a hectic holiday season for me but I'm glad things are finally slowing down and I can share more cards with you all!

Now that Christmas is over, the next big holiday coming up is Valentine's Day. These penguins from Valentine's Penguins is incredibly adorable! They all look incredibly happy. I really wanted to use the penguin with a balloon to float up in the sky.

I used the concept of a double slider card, to be a single slider card. The penguin floats using a piece of acetate. You can't really see it in the pictures but it's there because that's how it moves up once you pull on the card.

This collage shows how it works and moves. Isn't it super cute? I really love this card and I think anyone would love getting it (I hope). 


  1. hi Jeannine, love your card very much ! but I don't understand the technique to slide the pinguin up... can you please send me a little more explanation how did you do it ?
    I would like to try it on my own... Thanks for sharing.
    have a very happy and creative new year !
    greetings from belgium

    1. Hi Martina, I'll have a video up in a week or so explaining how to do this kind of card. My youtube is Insideoutjeans. Thanks for liking the card. =)

  2. That’s an irresistibly cute set of cards !


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